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So, You Want to Write an Ebook?

“A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer.”  ~Karl Kraus

So… you want to write an Ebook?  Do it in 30 days!

In almost every interview I see, hear, and read about successful entrepreneurs, inevitably, the statement is made: “I would not have waited so long to release a product.”  So, with that sage advice in mind, I’ve decided to begin my Digital Nomad Path by creating a product.  In this case, it will be writing a book.

For some background info and suggestions, I hit up my favorite friend “The Google Machine” and sifted through archives of websites and articles.  I’ve attacked Amazon’s ratings and comments for the best book to buy about writing a book.  With that research behind me, I’ve put together a plan using free resources (Chris Guillebeau, CopyBlogger, and Ehow).

Through all the research, the most universally repeating theme was “pick a plan and stick to it”.  Justly said about anything, really.

The Plan

Pick a topic

I’ve had my topic for a while, but you can use a day or two to brainstorm.  Additionally, it is imperative that a topic should be something people want… and are willing to pay for.  In order to figure out what people want, you can ask your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or check out best sellers on Clickbank.  Even a simple look at the categories on the left will tell you what sells.

Since this is my first project, I don’t really have an audience to query.  I’m going by what I feel is a hole in the Digital Nomad niche.  This method is equally as rewarding, but a bit riskier.

Create a basic outline of chapters

Shoot for 11 to 12 chapters.  I’ve recently read a good book with only 8.  Take a day to create the outline.  Also put in a few key points to hit about each chapter.  I outlined a basic chapter set a few months ago and have since lost it… and found it again.

Write a piece of the book every day

OK, I’ve seen suggested counts that range from 20,000 words to 60,000 words to 410 pages (100,000 words)!  What?!?!  So, yeah, throw out the ridiculous 100,000 word suggestion, the average of suggestions is roughly 40,000.  Additionally, I checked the Ebooks I have purchased and they are in the 40,000 word range.  So, research suggests 40,000 words as a good target.

I have a life, so realistically, I’m giving myself a day off each week.  So, to write this book in 30 days, I’ll actually only have 26 days of writing.  If you do the same, you’ll have 24 days allowing a day each for Topic Choice and Chapter Outline.

Simple math calculates 1,500 words per day… 1,700 if you’ve only got 24 days.

Revise the original draft

Clearly, the first rendition is not going to be perfect, but I’m not allotting any time for revision.  This is noted below.  However, I will at least take the minimum 2 days to review / revise.  Maybe, I’ll title this How to write an Ebook in 32 days.  Cool.

The Stick to it

In this episode, you’ll find a 6 – Part Series.  This introduction, 4 weekly updates, and a summary of completion / lessons learned.

Updates will include:

  • How much time it took to write the words
  • How consistent was it
  • Did the material just flow?
  • What were motivations and distractions during the process (radio, Email, etc)

Some caveats:

This is just writing the book.  Revising it will take time, too.  Sources allow anywhere from 2-3 days to the same amount of time as writing.  Depending on Feedback from the initial release, I may release it as is with a few day revision… and have a full month editing released as ver 2 (free to purchasers of the original, of course).

Publishing the book will need to be done in order to actually consider it a product.  That time hasn’t been calculated.  It will go on sale on the website, but I’d like to ultimately have it on other mediums.  There was a SmartPassiveIncome podcast with Sunil from EasyMoneyBlog a while back.  It’s worth a listen, definitely, but Sunil states that you don’t even need an online presence to create a book and sell it.  So, as a side experiment, I’d like to build some affiliate marketing against the work, too.

Final Note

I’ve been writing with Word for years now.  For this book endeavor, I’ve chosen a free online product from  It’s a custom interface to WordPress that allows you to write, organize, and format for publishing a book.  This will allow me to write the book from anywhere… home, train, coffee shop.

I’m also working on an account with, but having some problems.  As has been said before, a book can be written any time of the year… and I’m not writing it in November, either.

BS free zone

Pick a topic people will buy.

8-12 Chapters.

40,000 words.  Divide by days you have for daily word-count.

Allow some time for revision.

I hope this Experiment motivates you to do the same.  What other resources, tips, or tricks do you have to write a book?  I have a comments section.  You have a keyboard.


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