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Valet Lessons : #%&@… work.

#%&@! I have to go to work.

Now, there’s a statement I had grown accustomed to saying.  In fact, I pretty much said it out of habit.

The 20 minute ride seemed to take an eternity today. Traffic. Friday. 5 o’clock. The windows are down. The sun is shining. The clouds seem superimposed on the sky like a painting. It’s beautiful, really.

I notice the corners of my mouth turning up a bit as my mind wanders. ” I wonder if Don will be in tonight. Man, I love his S8!” Actually, I just love cars. I think I always have.

I took this Valet gig as a favor to a friend. He’s a good guy.  That’s the ONLY reason I agreed to do it. I know the restaurant owners, too, so it was no big deal  for me to cover the shifts.

That was about two months ago. I was surprised, though… I loved it!  I sit around outside in the sun and wait for people to bring their $100,000 cars up for me to drive. I even get some running in back and forth to the parking lot. Not a bad gig. Not bad at all.

The money’s  OK, but that’s not why I do it.  I just enjoy it.  Every time Stan sends a txt, I get excited. It means I get to Valet.  When was the last time you’ve been excited to go to work? I know! Right?

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I don’t really mind the drive. It’s peaceful. Different than driving to my old 9-5’er. No stressing the futility of the work day.  No stressing the meetings.  No stressing the deadlines.  You know what happens when you have no stress? Creativity!

With the wind in my hair and ‘Make it Bun Dem’ pulsing through the speakers, I recollect reading a comment by Dan from RightBrainRockstar on this post.  He says he’s about to take part-time work. I wonder what it is. Does he love it?  Hmm… it be cool to touch base.  I don’t know him from Adam, but:

‘Dear Evernote, hit up Dan from RBRS.  See what’s up.’

I never would have had the time… the energy… the space to Valet had I still been sitting in traffic on my way home from my job.  The space left when you leave your jobs allows for these crazy unforeseeable opportunities.  Just to be clear, this is my favorite job I’ve had ever.

You know what else is cool about it? I can… Oh, hold on, I gotta grab this Porsche. (True story. Drop top. Love.)


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