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A collection of articles and stories about Saint Mary's College Museum of Art (SMCMoA)




Questioning Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an Art Medium by Katherine Trevino-Yoson

In Practice: Exploring NFT Minting by Katrienne Lemye

Flora of the Briones Hills 作者:Ann Drevno 

New SMC exhibit explores authenticity in the art 世界 by Vera Kochan of the Lamorinda Weekly


Press R抽: Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art Explores the Fine Line of Authenticity in Art

Press R抽: Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art Showcases 社区 Response to Art Inspired by the Permanent 集合



博客: Justice, 社区, and Leadership Blog Reflection on Power & Purpose Exhibition (JCL 150) by Elise Magee

SMC Museum of Art opens two new exhibits by Vera Kochan of the Lamorinda Weekly. 

Press R抽: Two New 展览 open at Saint Mary's College Museum of Art (SMCMoA) by Museum of Art 

Interview with Andrew Mount conducted by Isaac Kyoungho Kim





Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art (SMCMoA) Earns Highest National Recognition by Museum of Art

The Owls in the Museum by Britt Royer 

Changing Museum Expectations of Space by Museum of Art 

Diablo Magazine: Top Tickets: September 9-15 by Emily White 

Lamorinda Weekly: Two Original 展览 

Press R抽: Two Original 展览 Open at Saint Mary's College Museum of Art

Exploring Keith + Kari by Kamyrn Sobel 

New 展览 At MoA Welcome Back the 艺术 on Campus by Melanie Moyer 

New Work in the Museum 集合 Speaks to the Pandemic Experience by Museum of Art 



Free SMC Museum of Art exhibition through July 11

The SMC Museum Welcomes a New Exhibit - Aesthetic Forces: Nature in the Modern California Landscape, 1915-2015 作者:凯·卡尼




Museum of Art Opens New Exhibits by Sean Heiskell of The Collegian


Feminizing Permanence 

Press R抽 


Sign of the Times: The Great American Political Poster 1844-2012

Press R抽





Kal Spelletich: Significance Machines and Purposeful Robots

Press R抽

Please, do touch the art by Garrett Leahy of the Lamorinda Weekly 

East Bay 秋天 艺术 Preview by Deborah Kirk of Diablo Magazine 


New Formalism In Painting and Photography

Press R抽 

R&D Collab Breaks Fine Art Rules Using Cinema 4D


Open Studio: Interdisciplinary Art Practice In Progress

Open Studio Exhibit 给s Fesh Look to Art by David Garza of the Collegian


Foad Satterfield: THINGS KNOWN


New Art Exhibit Informed by Jim Crow South by Adriana Avila of the Collegian 

The Artist's Studio | Foad Satterfield by Katie Korotzer of Piedmont Exedra


David Otis Johnson: NOCTAMBULANT






Graphicanos: Contemporary Latino Prints from the Serie Project

SMC 'Graphicanos' exhibit expresses art as visual literature by Lou Francher of the Lamorinda Weekly

Museum of Art on St. Mary's campus: A Sight to See by Kevin Basmajian of The Collegian


Darker Shades of Red: Soviet Propaganda from the Cold War Era

Soviet Propaganda Art Pertinent to Today by Jesse Hamlin of the San Francisco Chronicle

Soviet Propaganda Invades Saint Mary's College by DeWitt Cheng of Oakland Magazine

An Insider's Perspective into Life Under Communist Russia at SMC Museum of Art by Kara Navolio of Lamorinda Weekly

快速旅行 by Linda Summers Pirkle of the Alamo 新闻 & Danville 新闻 Today





Artistic Impressions: Saint Mary's College Professor Challenges Viewer's Perception of Art

Peter Freund's 美国伊朗| exhibit to open at the Museum of Art

Complex US/Iran Relationship Explored in Saint Mary's Exhibit