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Quitting is for Winners

Quitting is for Winners is the quintessential quit your job and follow your passion book. Why? Because it’s practical and tactical. This guide helps you focus on the things you really need to do before transitioning from employee to entrepreneur.

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The 1-Day Guide to Writing Your Memoir

This super simple 20 page guide is aimed at getting you started writing today. While it’s focused mainly on helping layout and write your story, the overarching process can apply to writing anything. And you’re story is very important to the about page of any entrepreneur.

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Roadmap coaching is for you if you have no idea where to start or what to focus on.

  • 1hr call
  • We access your situation.
  • Figure out your next steps.
  • Discuss some resources that will get you moving.


Blueprint coaching is for you if you know you’re ready to go and are not sure what’s holding you back OR need some help putting a plan together.

  • Four weekly 1hr calls
  • We access your situation + figure out your next steps
  • Touch base weekly to keep you focused and on track
  • Adjust & refine your path each week
  • Goal: Estimate a quit date and what to do the month after quitting
  • Email support throughout the month


Alchemy coaching is start -> quit day + beyond coaching. It’s a full path creation, mindset support, and apprentice program.

  • Weekly 1hr calls until you quit
  • We access your situation + create a plan to quit
  • Understand your budget and adjust expenses as needed
  • Create a safety net
  • Adjust personal life to accommodate entrepreneurship
  • Touch base weekly to keep you focused, on track, and MOVING forward
  • Consistent adjustment & refinement to your path
  • Goal: Set a quit date and work towards it
  • Email support throughout
  • Continued support for 30 days after you quit

Speaking & Interviews

I never turn down the opportunity to help people begin their own journey to a more free and fulfilling life. Speaking opportunities and Interview requests are always welcomed. These give people the opportunity to hear my how-to story and also a chance to connect one-to-one with myself and other people interested in the same thing.

I’m always open to any topic ideas that seem to fit with who I am. Some include:

The Roadmap to Freedom

Quitting is for Winner is a basic roadmap of how to go from corporate cog to free entrepreneur! This great for Entrepreneur talks, Building a brand around who you are, and Self-help or Motivational summits.

  • Talk or Interview
  • Set as a Thought Leader or Writer / Author
  • Lifestyle overview + path to get there


In a society so focused on money, it’s hard to not talk about it. So many talks are based on theory and passion, but forget to incorporate real-world living. When building a business or a lifestyle, it’s important to understand money and budgeting.

  • Personal or Business Planning
  • Interactive or Discussion
  • Handouts and Spreadsheets available
  • Goal: Have attendees leave with a strong understanding of what they really need financially
  • Q&A and One-on-one opportunities

Lifestyle Alchemy

Follow your passion. Have more freedom. Live the life of your dreams! These are great phrases the invoke the openness we all strive to feel. But, is it really the life for you? Can you really “pull it off?”

  • Talk or Interview
  • Focuses on personal motivation and lifestyle design
  • Can be tailored to specific objectives
  • Includes group activities
  • Goal: Attendees understand they can achieve their dreams even if they’re not sure how
  • Works well on a panel, too