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I Quit!

well, maybe you really want to quit… but, that’s good enough!

This website is all about a life of searching. From travel to finding work you love to just finding meaning and growing who you are.

Those things are my … job.

I did NOT get an inheritance or win the lottery. I DO have people that count on me and people that say I’ve thrown away a great life.

But, I’ve made this life of search work. And I AM way happier than I was at a 9 to 5 job.

That sounds great! But…

But you’re scared to do it. You’re confused about how to go actually start doing it. You’re not sure it’s going to work or that you have everything you need to.

That’s where I swoop in and rescue you from the foul clutches of dismal routine!

OK, that’s a bit dramatic… but it is where I can help your life.

Just after I quit my job, I dedicated a month to writing a How To guide to help people feel comfortable doing the same thing. Later, I created an email-led crib notes version of the guide. Meanwhile, I’ve been talking, helping, and stepping people through the process.

If you cringe at the name, don’t worry. I do, too. Lesson 1: You’re going to make mistakes on this path – and that’s OK!

Quitting Is For Winners

How many times have you heard something like this?

Quit your job and follow your passion! It’ll all be fine!

That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But… what if… what if you could feel like it will all “be fine”? If you thought it would all work out, would you quit? That’s not a hypothetical question, either. The aim of this book was to teach you how to plan for your two week notice, your transition to a new career, or your going back to school. I want you to be comfortable handing in your I Quit letter. That’s my guarantee. If you don’t feel comfortable going to the next step in your life after reading the book – and seriously doing the work – I’ll give you the money back. I’ll even pay you $90. That’s what I’m making per hour right now. I did it with the method outlined in the book.

Exceedingly practical, well-organized presentation of what you need to consider, plan and prepare for before leaving your job… down to earth and encourages you to make the transition with a good safety net, then shows you how to do it. B. Sober

I quit my job three years ago and I am successful! Now, I’m teaching you how to do it without going into panic mode…

well, not more than three times per week.

Look, it’s hard. You’re going to doubt yourself. You’re going to think “I’ve made a mistake.”

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it! And you’re going to have a fall-back plan when those days happen.

That’s the key: Planning.

Plan the people. Plan the money. Plan the fall-back. Plan the plan, my friend.

…then know it’s not going to go as exactly as planned. …and that’s totally OK, because the plan you made big and cushy, leaving you room for some failures and un-planned events along the way. Each little success builds your confidence until the point where you know you’re successful and you never have to go back.

Want to be successful on your own terms?

You have to take back your time, first.

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This book contains the exact tools I used to go from gray-office-9-to-5 to living my dream.

I read tons of “Find Your Passion” books and blogs. I watched videos until the wee hours of the morning, but I always had one burning question:


OK, it’s great that I want to be a writer, but the chances that a no-name IT guy is going to jettisan to stardom writer – or even “paying the bills” writer – is slim.

I knew there had to be an interim solution.

And not the sell-everything-you-own, move-to-a-third-world-country and abandon-everything-you-know tout of many of the programs out there.

I knew there had to be a way to find something to stand on while ramping up your business.

…and there is.

The key is to focus on three basic things:

  • Keep good people around
  • Prepare your safety net
  • Your time or your work

The book steps through looking at your relationships and seeing which ones serve you and which ones will hinder your progress.

The naysayers aren’t people who have failed. They’re the people that don’t know how to try, so they believe you can’t either.

They’re wrong. And this book is why.

After you know who you can count on, we begin to look at your safety net. The undeniable truth is that we live in a society where you need to be able to pay for things.

You’re not going to live on “Universe juice.”

While money in the bank isn’t the only safety net, we need to figure out how we’re going to sustain our basic needs while we build our success.

If you think you’re going to quit your job and dine on lobster and the finest wines, while sleeping until the crack of noon, you can stop reading now.

But, if you’re ready to trade some hard work for your freedom, this is step one.

Time + Work:
Yeah, there’s still work. And you’re going to have to figure out when / how to do it. With limitless freedom, you’ve still got to hunker down and do stuff.

But, don’t get caught just doing busy work.

Don’t get caught panicking about going back to a job.

Figure out what you’re going to do.

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…the guide provides downloadable materials…so easy and accessible, right at your fingertips. Truly a wonderful guide to help you create a plan to follow/ achieve your own dreams. Heather

I think this is one of the best how-to-quit-your-job manuals out there. In particular, Stewart really breaks down how to do the planning process, including the financial part, and he includes easy-to-use worksheets to help you through it. Sarah

I’m really not the master of telling you what to do. I don’t purport to give you the secret to making a million dollars in 30 days, either.

I help you be comfortable with quitting your current situation with a good plan on getting to your next situation – one that’s awesome!

However, in the past three years, I did flounder about a bit trying to figure out what I could do.

There is a small and unique, section in the book that talks about what you can do, leveraging a balance between what you like to do and what you’re good at.

The funny thing is, I quit my job to be a writer and I’m now a successful web developer. I like the coding stuff and I’m really good at the back-end server stuff – from my previous career. So, I used that balance to create – quite by accident – a completely sustainable, mobile income.

You’ll save a ton of time floundering around using the charts in this book to determine something, or somethings, you can do to begin bringing money in quickly.

Waring: You might not be the job you think is going to amazing, but with some trial and error, you ARE going to find the one that IS amazing. It will be better than what you’re doing now. And if I’m any example, which I am, it may just turn into your dream job.

Are you ready to quit?

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1. We Have To Talk

Sarah Goshman’s discussion – with Sarah Goshman (that’s not a typo)


2. Why Do You Want To Quit?

The book opens with an honest look at your reasons for quitting and how they affect the following choices.


3. Who Is Counting On You?

Taking a look at your responsibilities from the human perspective.


4. Who Is Supporting You?

Knowing who’s got your back and soliciting their support.


5. The Safety Net

Building your backup plan first.


6. It’s Complicated

Therese Schwenkler’s story – finding and trusting yourself


7. The Two Paths: Open Space For Opportunity

There are two generally accepted ways to move into a change of work. This is the first one.


8. The Two Paths: Waiting for Stability

…and this is the second one.


9. The Two Paths: Making the Choice

…and this is deciding which one is right for you.


10. How to Clean Up

Ken Wise’s story – Work smart, so you don’t have to do all the work.


11. The Two Paths: A Third Option

Remember those two paths? There’s a third.


12. Breeding a Coach

Phil Drolet’s story – Moving from natural conversations to professional income.


13. What Do You Want To DO?

Creating the first, of many, ways to generate income.


14. Make Your Plan

Figure out and plan your budget.


15. How to Make Your Plan Work

It’s going to take more than just figuring out income. Get your base together.


16. Put Your Plan in Action

The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago. Then next best is right now. But, what if there’s a lightning storm right now?


17. How David Slew Goliath

David Delp’s story – going from software giant to successful soloprenuer.


18. Be Blessed - Go Forth

The obligatory wrap up chapter. You’re done. You’ve got the plan – and the plan gives you your quit date.


This is an easy read with lots of places to break and fill out some worksheets, brainstorm, and let information settle in.

Ready to get started for less than $10?

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You bet I do!

guaranteeI understand not everyone is in the same place and not everyone can commit to $10 without being incredibly, perfectly, totally sure.

So, first of all, there’s the guarantee. Did ALL the work and still aren’t comfortable with quitting you job; think you still need some more info? Just let me know, keep the book, and I’ll refund the purchase price plus $90.

Second, I’ve got two other options:

Grab a weekly e-mail course that gives you overviews of each chapter in the book (minus the personal stories).

…or work directly with me for a one-to-one, one-time, personalized session.

Crib Note E-Mail course

Keeps You On Track
  • Are you the type that downloads books and never reads them? Whether it’s because there isn’t time in the day or because you just don’t like reading books on your tablet, here’s another solution. Get the crib notes for each chapter delivered to your mailbox in little bite-size pieces.
  • The e-mail course is designed to get your mind consistently thinking about how to make your transition work. This way, your “plan” isn’t a knee-jerk reaction to what seems like a great idea.
  • You get:
    • A weekly email: Each email focuses on one content chapter of the book.
    • A forced week break: work through the exercises or let the information settle in.
    • Lifetime access to the content: unlike other e-courses, these emails can be tucked into a folder and re-visited at any time.
    • Direct email access: if something doesn’t make sense, just ask me for clarification.
Start Now

You DON'T need this

One-time start-to-finish
  • You DO NOT need my coaching. You’ve got this and you’re not alone. But, if you positively have to have someone say “yeah, that plan looks good” then let’s hop on the phone. I’ll help iron out the relationships that you’re not sure are good or bad and we’ll wrangle through your spending putting together a budget and a drop-dead quit date.
  • What you get:
    • Up to 3 hours dedicated time to wrestle through any sticking points you have
    • What you’re going to do and when
    • Discussions of your relationships and support requirements
    • Full outline of your budget + spending
    • A look at your possible road-blocks
    • A decision on your quit date
  • Yep. This call ends with a “You’re going to give your notice on xx/xx/xxxx.”
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