Furlough-related FAQ的

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  • Slides of the furlough information session can be accessed here.
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  • Furlough is an unpaid time off from work; duration may not extend  longer than a pay period (2 weeks)

  • Employee on furlough may not perform any work including:

    • Responding to emails, voicemails, and College related phone calls

    • 完成或批准时间表

    • 登录任何学院系统进行工作

    • 参加工作/部门会议

  • Unpaid time off has different FLSA implications for exempt and non-exempt employees

  • 无薪休假不会影响福利

What does an employee or supervisor need to do if they, or those they manage, are doing a Furlough?

  • VPs and Department Leaders provided HR specific furlough dates - these dates cannot be changed/modified without coordinating with Department Leader and HR

    • Any changes must be confirmed by HR prior to the date of the furlough.

  • Supervisor and Employee must coordinate timesheet submission and approval before employee goes on a furlough (exempt/non-exempt to be discussed)

    • Appropriately report furlough on timesheet - submit timesheet before or after furlough period (i.e. submit timesheet on the Monday after returning from furlough)

  • Supervisor and Employee must coordinate pending deadline oriented work before employee goes on a furlough

How do I know if my furlough requires a shift from exempt to non-exempt status?

Exemption status is determined by Federal and State guidelines based on position duties and salary level.

  • Exempt employees taking furlough in full one or two week periods (Monday through Sunday) will not need to transition to non-exempt. 

  • Only those exempt employees with prior approval from their supervisor and HR may take furlough for less than a full week and will consequently transition to non-exempt status. 

如果我是豁免雇员, 在我休假期间保持豁免状态, 我如何报告休假时间?

Time Worked 



Report under “Other Time Hours” and select “Furlough” in the drop down menu.

I’ve been told my status is changing from Exempt to Non-Exempt for a month or more, 这是什么意思?

  • Transitions from exempt to non-exempt are uncommon and must be approved by the employee’s supervisor and HR. 

  • Exempt employees must furlough in full one or two week periods and must take entire Monday through Sunday week(s) off; those converting to non-exempt status may take furlough time in day or hour increments (once non-exempt, the furlough does not need to be taken in a full one or or two week period)

  • 员工将保持每周40小时的工作时间, and will be eligible for overtime after 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. 加班需事先批准.

  • 薪酬变动对薪酬率无影响.  Hourly rate is calculated by dividing the annual salary by 2080 hours (e.g. 54,080元/ 2080小时=每小时26元).

  • Leave Accruals will remain at Exempt rates - no accrual for unpaid periods.
  • The way in which you fill out your bi-weekly timesheet will change.

  • 休假的员工不应该工作,意思是

    • Should not check voicemail/emails - Set up an “Out of Office” message

    • 不应该完成或批准时间表

    • 与工作有关的事情不应联系

    • 不应该参加任何工作/部门会议

    • 不应该访问任何学院系统

  • 用餐时间-根据加州工资和工时法, non-exempt employees must receive a thirty (30) minute lunch or meal break if they work more than five (5) hours in a day. However, an employee may agree to waive that meal break if s/he will not work more than six (6) hours in the day.

  • Rest Breaks  - Ten (10) minutes for each four (4) hours, 或其中相当一部分, that the employee will work in the day counted as time worked and paid. They must also be in the middle of the employee’s work period, 只要这是切实可行的.  Not required  for employees who work less than three and a half (3 1/2) hours in a day.

I’m currently a non-exempt employee, what do I need to know about my furlough time?

  • 员工有特定的无薪休假日/小时

  • Can work and furlough specific hours or days within the same week. Example,

    • Hours: work 4.工作5小时,休假3小时

    • 工作时间:每周工作3天,休假2天

  • 休假的员工不应该工作,意思是

    • Should not check voicemail/emails - Set up an “Out of Office” message

    • 不应该完成或批准时间表

    • 与工作有关的事情不应联系

    • 不应该参加任何工作/部门会议

    • 不应该访问任何学院系统

As a Non-exempt employee, where do I report Furlough hours on my timesheet?

Report under “Other Time Hours” and select “Furlough” in the drop down menu.


  • There will be no impact on benefits eligibility for furloughed employees.  Employees are still responsible for their portion of insurance premiums.  In case the amount earned during a furlough pay period cannot cover the employee’s normal benefit deductions, 员工将从两个选项中选择一个:

    • Authorize HR to capture the outstanding deduction amount (pre-tax) out of the next paycheck

    • Be invoiced for the outstanding amount and remit funds to the College through SMC Touchnet online portal
  • Employees have the option to adjust their TIAA contribution every pay period if desired via the TIAA portal.


  • 在员工休假的第一天, they are eligible to file an unemployment claim online via the State of California EDD website

  • 根据《十大最好的网赌平台》, the federal government will reimburse 50% of unemployment compensation paid by self-insured 501(c)(3) nonprofits between March 13, 2020年和12月31日, 2020.  However, this means that self-insured nonprofits will still have to pay for 50% of claims paid.