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How the Hack?
Travel Stories

People ask me how I can afford to do all this traveling. And the answer is simple: Points.

I flew to Hawaii for $40. From there to Thailand for $50. From Thailand home to Philly for $70. I’m hopping a Delta flight from PHL to SFO in February for $12. Interested?


The thing about points is easy to understand. Earn points. Get stuff.

Not Just Spending Money

Yes, you can get a good amount of points from credit card offers, but there are other ways.

Fancy yourself a traveler? Good!

Like telling people about where you’ve been? Great!

How does this sound? Write a 100 word story about your travels and get 150 points. Visit a bar, restaurant, sporting event, national monument en-route and get 10 more points for each. Write something good enough for people to like? Get. More. Points!


Step by Step

This is my current favorite travel hack:

Barclay Travel.

It’s that easy.

What Good Are These Points?

There are two options:

  1. If you’ve got either of the two Barclay Arrival cards, the points can be redeemed for cash or travel purchase refunds.
  2. If don’t have one of the cards, you can still get Amazon gift cards.

The difference is huge, though! You get $5 Amazon card for 2,500 points. The Arrival + card gives you one cent per mile on travel reimbursement making that same 2,500 points worth $25 in statement credit.

Grab the Barclay Arrival or Arrival + card –

** Pro Tip **
Head into your profile and fill out your details, upload a photo, and add a couple places you want to visit, have visited, and know very well. = 500 points right away.

Points Turbo Boost

So, you get 10 points for each Kudos… and each travel detail has a kudos option, too! This is basically “liking” a travel post.

What if you have a travel crew? A bunch of other people that travel, too, and like what you’ve read. What I’ve done is add my Barclay Travel link into my social media icon? See that compass in my footer? Check out my travel stories! Kudos them, then send me a link to your profile.

I’d love to help out AND build a Kudos group. So, when you sign up, don’t hesitate to send me that profile link!


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