Graduate Business Cohort Email Lists

Cohort Email lists are used to coordinate with your classmates throughout your program. You will also receive correspondence from your professors and Academic services here. Before a program starts, academic services will create the cohort email list and add the students registered for that year's cohort. If you have any issues or have not been added, please reach out to academic services.  


Active Email List (NOTE: Only added members can send to lists!)


Cohort 3 (2021)  <>

Cohort 2 (2020)  <>

Cohort 1 (2019)  <>

Executive MBA Moraga

Cohort 28 (Autumn 2021)  <>

Cohort 27 (Autumn 2020)  <>

Executive MBA San Ramon

Cohort 24 (Autumn 2020)<>

Professional MBA
ALL PMBA Program Announce list

MS Accounting Hybrid

Cohort 10.2 (Summer 2021) <>

Cohort 10 (Spring 2021) <>

MS Business Analytics Moraga

Cohort 12 (Summer 2021) <>

MS Business Analytics Silicon Valley

Cohort 13 (Autumn 2021) <>

MS Finance

Cohort 27 (Summer 2021) <>

MS Management and Technology Cohort 6 (Summer 2021) <>

To request an Email list, or need help with one please reach out to Graduate Academic Services: Shane McCarthy (


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