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Entreprenuer things that no one else is saying.

Afraid Of Your Fears

  It was a ridiculously hot November day as the Ninneman section of Chiang Mai bustles around me. Finally, I’ve found the space to do nothing. In the shade, with a cold pressed juice, I settle into a book. I don’t read much, but I do my best to support the work of... read more

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

  Space. There’s not enough room in our brain to keep everything. But, we try. And when we do, we just have no idea how which are the good things and which are the bad things. We spend so much energy trying to keep all the things, it can stop us from doing any... read more

How the Hack?
Travel Stories

  People ask me how I can afford to do all this traveling. And the answer is simple: Points. I flew to Hawaii for $40. From there to Thailand for $50. From Thailand home to Philly for $70. I’m hopping a Delta flight from PHL to SFO in February for $12.... read more

The Devil’s Due

  There are two ways to live your life; in fear of death, or in spite of it. Here’s a story not many people know: I almost died. Drowned to be precise. I remember the water coming over my head, then receding a bit, and gasping for air. I remember that happening... read more

How To Be Legendary

  Most people are surprised to get in my car and hear electronic dance music… which I listen to almost consistently. It’s a downright shock for folks to learn that at the top of my all-time top 5 favorite bands is the legendary Motörhead. That’s... read more

At Journey’s End

  The lessons that creep in after a trip or journey are said to be the most important. I guess I should write a 10 biggest lessons learned from my journey, but you know, it’s really all one BIG lesson that boils down to a single word. People. I talked about... read more

The Ziggurat & The Labyrinth

  This post is out of chronological order for reasons that will become quite obvious. But, during my travels, I took a little side trip to visit a friend for a few days. Unfortunately, my friend already had plans and being a good friend went out of their way to see if... read more

Momma, I’m Coming Home

  “It’s chilly,” I think as I make my way out to the main street surrounding the city. It’s only a short walk to the restaurant I’ve gotten used to eating dinner at. It’s kind of a street stall, really. They put tables and chairs in the road.... read more

It’s Around The Corner

  If you wander around long enough, you find what you’re looking for. There’s no better way to illustrate this concept than trying to find places in a foreign city you’ve never been to – and don’t speak the language. Know It When You See It One... read more

Stranger In Paradise

  Hawaii was weird. Even looking back on it, Hawaii was… weird. Oh, it was beautiful! Hawaii is paradise. You take a picture of an amazing view, turn the camera around for a selfie, and there behind you is another beautiful view. Unless you’ve been there,... read more

Life Is Hard

  The first day in Vipassana meditation is kind of cool. I mean, you don’t actually meditate the whole time. But, you’re really excited to start receiving the effects of meditation. Then, day two: It’s work. It’s HARD work. It’s really... read more