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At Journey’s End

The lessons that creep in after a trip or journey are said to be the most important.

I guess I should write a 10 biggest lessons learned from my journey, but you know, it’s really all one BIG lesson that boils down to a single word.


I talked about people right from Chicago. I talked about keeping your network love strong. Jason talked about the people on journey and Cedric talked about the true meaning of tribes.

So, rather than the top lessons learned, I wanted to give a big shout out to everyone who made this journey incredible.

You know who you are!

Life is more than just a lesson to learn.

Home was not the relaxing and reflecting visage I created in my mind. It was quite the opposite. I’ve found myself cleaning up a bunch of crap in the house, making last minute adjustments, and coordinating appointments, classes, and friends.

I spent six months with the most amazing people this world has to offer. But, here at the end of the journey, I’m simply dealing with crap. Dealing with myself. Dealing with people?

We can reflect on why we need to find these lessons over and over again. We can painstakingly make new plans and resolutions to do or not to do this or that.

OR, we can simply acknowledge the truth again, smile at good parts, and say “I have this knowledge already. Let’s just try to work with it again.”

…and keep an eye on what’s important.

Speaking of important…

There are so many people I never got pictures of that made this journey incredible.
All the rest of the WDS family that makes WDS feel like family.
Melissa’s amazing chef / husband Jake Jones. All the other water bottles are meaningless!
Every member of the Elemental Vinyasa training & Wishtoyo retreat.
Kristyn Caetano gave me the space to complete a long overdue task and actually changed my life.
Every Eeckhoudt for welcoming me “home” to your family.
Tracey Abbott, Josh Barad, and Joe Lannen making Chiang Mai more than “just another place.”
…and¬†Humaira Hamid coming in at the wire with a beautiful message about resonance with my journey, making ever word I wrote worth it.

Nothing is more important to me than you…


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