Saint Mary’s isn’t like any other college you’ve seen before. There are lots of things that make SMC special — our Bay Area location, our top-ranked athletics programs and our Lasallian approach to service and learning. But the most striking thing about Saint Mary’s is our unique (and challenging) undergraduate curriculum.

There are majors and minors at Saint Mary's to suit almost any interest you bring with you to campus. We have outstanding faculty in all these departments, a wide range of student research and publication across disciplines and a thriving study abroad program. The core of SMC's academic identity, however, lies in two distinctive elements of a Saint Mary's education: the Collegiate Seminar and January Term.

Academic Programs

Saint Mary's 35 undergraduate programs are housed in four schools: the School of Liberal Arts, the School of Economics and Business Administration, the School of Science and the Kalmanovitz School of Education (which offers only graduate degrees). If you're looking for in-depth information on Saint Mary's academic programs, our departmental sites are the place to go.

Accounting (School of Economics and Business Administration)
Anthropology (School of Liberal Arts)
Art and Art History (School of Liberal Arts)
Biochemistry (School of Science)
Biology (School of Science)
Business Administration (School of Economics and Business Administration)
Chemistry (School of Science)
Classical Languages (School of Liberal Arts)
Communication (School of Liberal Arts)
Computer Science (School of Science)
Economics (School of Economics and Business Administration)
Education (School of Liberal Arts)
3+2 Engineering (School of Science)
English (School of Liberal Arts)
Environmental & Earth Science (School of Science)
Ethnic Studies (School of Liberal Arts)
Global and Regional Studies (School of Liberal Arts)
Health Science (School of Science)
History (School of Liberal Arts)
Integral Program (School of Liberal Arts)
Interfaith Leadership (School of Economics and Business Administration)
Justice, Community and Leadership (School of Liberal Arts)
Kinesiology (School of Liberal Arts)
Leadership & Organizational Studies (Kalmanovitz School of Education)
Liberal Education for Arts Professionals (LEAP) (School of Liberal Arts)
Math & Computer Science (School of Science)
Performing Arts: Dance, Music & Theatre (School of Liberal Arts)
Philosophy (School of Liberal Arts)
Physics & Astronomy (School of Science)
Politics (School of Liberal Arts)
Psychology (School of Science)
Sociology (School of Liberal Arts)
Theology & Religious Studies (School of Liberal Arts)
Women's and Gender Studies (School of Liberal Arts)
World Languages and Cultures (School of Liberal Arts)