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Not all that wander are lost

Sometimes the path does not lead us where we think we should go. Maybe this article will help:

The BS in finding your passion

We’re bombarded these days with this idea that there’s this one thing we’re meant to do… for ever… and ever… and ever.
When we find it, we’ll finally be happy.

Simply put: that isn’t true for everyone.  There’s two problems with that idea.  The first is that there is one thing for you to do in this life and the second is that it will make you happy.

I’ve had a lot of traffic lately due to a couple guest posts.  This one and that one both drove a good amount of traffic here to Digital Nomad Path, and a lot of folks filled out the Quitters Survey.  By and large the two biggest “issues” I’ve seen revolve around those two problems.

And another thing

For many of us, there is no one thing.  There are a number of things that we enjoy doing.  We get stuck trying to pick between one of many… or worse, we don’t think any of them are the thing, so we don’t do anything.

What you decide to work on today does not have to be what you do forever.  Life can be a series of tests. (Tweet this)  These tests help you discover what it is that really makes you shine and who it is that you really enjoy being.

So, if you’ve got a lot of passions, just start one of them… or mix two or more into something unique.  If you don’t think any of your “hobbies” are the one thing, just start one anyway.  See what you learn.

The happy maker

Things don’t make you happy.  You make you happy.  Heard that before?

A shaman doesn’t pray for rain.  He prays rain.

Likewise, you don’t wait to be happy.  You be happy.  It’s not the outcome of any particular endeavor that’s really going to make you happy.  It is the endeavor itself.(Tweet This)  You feel more content, fulfilled, and “happy” when you are moving toward something… anything.

Thinking won’t get you there.

To sum it up, do something you enjoy doing.  If it works out, great!  If it doesn’t, move on to another thing you enjoy doing.

Digital Nomad Stu