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Not all that wander are lost

Sometimes the path does not lead us where we think we should go. Maybe this article will help:

Opening Space for Opportunity

There are two paths to chose when deciding to change your career… and ultimately your life.  One of these paths is to jump into the unknown, which is this week’s session.  The other is to build your new life after putting in your obligation to your current life.  Either choice gets you headed in the right direction.  It is your choice.

“Risk is essentially what you’re willing to leave to the unknown.”

Open Space for Opportunity

This option revolves around exchanging the risk of losing a full-time salary for the time to create you new life.  Time is the only commodity we cannot get back.  It cannot be created or extended.  It is finite… and there is no cheating it.

I often asked myself, “What are you trading your time for?”  In my case, I had no valuable answer.  I was trading my health, my art, and daily family life for a job that allowed me to pay the bills and take a two-week vacation each year.

Ask yourself the same question.  What you’re doing here is really evaluating the give and take of your life.  Are you giving more emotionally and physically than you are receiving?

This option has two benefits the other does not.  Freedom and less stress.


What you get when you walk away from your current job is an extra eight hours each day to create your dream.  Eight is an arbitrary number, really, since it doesn’t count lunch or your commute.  In some cases, it doesn’t consider mandatory overtime or the extra hours put in to meet deadlines.

Freedom also means working when it is convenient for you.  It opens up possibilities to enjoy more of life’s wonders in the same amount of time.  For me, I wound up doing part time work I loved in the evenings and working on my Digital Nomadding during the day.  In the spring, when Lacrosse season came, I would go see my daughter’s game in the afternoon, then pick work back up in the evening.  I also found I could schedule writing to be done while I was on the train going somewhere.  Freedom to be efficient is a positive I cannot stress enough!

Stress be gone

And speaking of stress… choosing to walk away also relieves the stress of “going nowhere”.  That feeling like you’re chained down goes away… and it’s amazing!  You no longer spend hours wondering what the heck you’re doing with your life.  Instead, you spend those hours doing it.

In fairness, your current stress is replaced with another stresses, so ‘stress be gone” isn’t totally accurate.  The two big stresses are whether you are ever going to become sustainable and whether you’re spending your time / money wisely.

Both of those stresses can be curbed with a good Safety Net and confidence that you needed to at least give this a try.

The old college try

Is a life of stability worth exchanging a life of happiness? Allowing yourself the open space for opportunity is risky… but the freedom it allows to seize opportunity is priceless.

One of my favorite quotes comes from an interview I got to do for the book. Therese from The Un∙lost said:

“It’s something I always would have regretted if I didn’t do. I may fail, but it would still be worth it to me.”
– T. Schwenkler

{shameless plug} What sets these sessions and this guide apart from the others is that I know this path is only one of many.  It is what I chose and only after much deliberation, but it may not be right for you.  Next week, we’ll look at the benefits of another option, too. 

Digital Nomad Stu

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