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Not all that wander are lost

Sometimes the path does not lead us where we think we should go. Maybe this article will help:

One more option.

Believe it or not, becoming an entrepreneur isn’t the only way out of the humdrum of your everyday job. Another, completely viable, option is to choose a different career. In fact, there are a lot of careers out there that offer flexibility, good pay, and are more fulfilling personally. Nursing comes to mind right off the bat.

If you are going to go this route, you will have to make one more choice. Retrain for the new job or hack the industry.


Retraining is obvious. Go back to school. Get the education required to perform the job. Look for a job. It’s simple, but can be very fulfilling! This time, though, when choosing a career, focus on the aspects from your dream that made it so engaging… and pick a new career that will promote those aspects. Sure is a lot different than “how much money” the job will pay, huh?

Hacking the industry

I love this phrase! The fact is, I do it all the time. I’ve designed some amazing websites for companies, built E-books for great clients, and contributed articles and chapters to some great Blogs and Books. You know what? I don’t have a design degree. I was never formally trained to code. I haven’t taken a writing or English lesson since High School. But… I have practice, practiced, practiced and gotten incredibly positive feedback from my clients in all of those areas.

What I’m getting at here is that re-training isn’t the only way. Hang your shingle out and start telling people what you do. You will find clients. Here’s why: People will pay for your work because they like you. You don’t have to be the best at something. Delivering what you say and being great to work with go just as far as being the best. In fact, if you are the best, but are always late and are a pain to work with… clients are going to flee.


In either case, start looking at the connections you already have. I wound up getting a bar tending job (which is something I enjoy doing) from a design client who owned bars. Being open to whatever comes your way is a good practice. So, while you’re talking to your current connections, mention what you’re thinking about transitioning into. Don’t be surprised if someone that already likes you offers you something closer to where you want to get to.

In that, you’re doing what you love while you’re working towards your ultimate goal of sustaining with what you love. (this concept is plucked from PilotFire’s Designing a Balanced Life course)

Maybe there’s another career you want to try your hand at. That’s awesome! I trust if focuses more on creating the aspects of the daily life you want. You continue to have to decide whether the transition will occur while you’re at your job or whether you’re going to dedicated completely to re-training / hacking.

Digital Nomad Stu

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