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Not all that wander are lost

Sometimes the path does not lead us where we think we should go. Maybe this article will help:

Making the choice

One of my Sages is chock full of great one-liners. One of my all-time, life-lessonie, favorite quotes from her is:

Choose the option that will give you the best story.

It’s that simple.

You hear all the time that you’re supposed to write your own story. I couldn’t agree more. The emphasis is on you. It’s your story. So, when you make a choice… between Opening Space for Opportunity and Build Stability… or any other choice, pick the one that will give your life the best story. That’s all we have at the end… a story.

It’s not the end

Getting a little more esoteric with you for a moment, dropping into “Stu 2” character if you will: You are meant to learn certain things in this life. The choices you make only change the way you learn those lessons. One mountain. Many paths to the top. Looking at the big picture of your life, each choice means very little. You will learn what you are meant to learn.

The only way to prevent learning what you were meant to learn, is to not make a choice at all.

This is your choice… and I’ll support you whichever one you make!

Digital Nomad Stu

Quitting is for WinnersQuitting is for Winners: – Chapter 10 is only a few pages long.
It reiterates the idea that choices are only choices to the same destination.
Encourages you to try the one that feels right now, and move to the other if it doesn’t work.

Also, Ken Wise’s story follows this chapter. He takes something he knows how to do and sells it to people that just don’t feel like doing it. Brilliant!