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Digital Nomad Path

Just another guy that quit his corporate job…

discovering the journey of freedom.


I successfully QUIT the rat race and live THE DREAM

…I also know what you’re thinking: “That’s great, but I can’t do that.

You can.

and you don’t need to have it all figured out before you try.

How Did You Do It?

The quitting your job / life part is pretty scary. But, it’s not actually that difficult. If you want to live this life yourself, the first step is to take your time back.


How Do You Keep Doing It?

Part of the process is figuring out what you’re good at. That’s a step a LOT of people miss. They shoot right for the “follow my passion” thing and that’s not always realistic.

Earn A Living

Who Are You Again?

I’m just a guy that couldn’t take going into an office anymore. I accidentally became a “successful” entrepreneur. Now, I’m figuring the rest out.


WARNING:This path is not all beaches, umbrella drinks, and beautiful people!

But, what would be the point?

We all have similar dreams.

  • The beach is an escape
  • The drinks are a metaphor for no worries
  • The beautiful people – well, they’re just that – people that resonate with everything we are.

It does take some hard work. It does take some letting go. But, the reward is everything you’ve been dreaming of.

If this is your first time here, find out what makes DNP different.

Do you already realize that no one has everything figured out?
That the only person that has your answers is you?
So, how do you build a life that allows you the freedom to start finding your answers?


Everything Changes

Yes, that’s me… less than a year ago.

It was fun rocking the guru look. In every man’s life, there is a time where they must be a pirate. That was my pirate time.

But, it’s not for me now.

This happens to all of us. We think something is cool, or even necessary, and we do it – we achieve the goal or destination. And it IS cool or IS necessary. Then, we decide something new is cool. We move towards that. This is the way of a “path.” One proverbial step in front of another.

But, somewhere along the way, we’ve been lead to believe if we want something, we’re going to want it forever.

And that is just not the case.

One of my fundamental teachings is that it’s OK to have another dream, to start something new, to leave that thing behind. In fact, it’s OK to not have a “lifetime passion.” It’s OK to change.


Check out what I’ve been saying lately…

Be Not Nobody

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Finally Fulfilled

  It’s not what you do that makes you feel fulfilled, it’s what you put into it. Many of us have come to a place in our lives where we lack fulfilment. We have convinced ourselves that we need to do something more fulfilling with our lives… and off... read more

The BS in finding your passion

    We’re bombarded these days with this idea that there’s this one thing we’re meant to do… for ever… and ever… and ever. When we find it, we’ll finally be happy. Simply put: that isn’t true for everyone.... read more

Beware the Ides of March!

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Go to bed!

  Ahhh… shavasana – the corpse pose. Who doesn’t love a good Shavasana after a powerful workout? How about a nice meditative Shavasana after a good energy class? I’ve even seen people take Shavasana on the couch in the middle of the day. 😀... read more

Gentle Men and Ladies

As we become closer, or more familiar, with people, we more easily allow our emotions to charge the way we communicate and behave.  Think about the difference between how we act towards our family vs. how we behave in a room full of strangers.  We are much more... read more


And I'm still making a living.

Now, I'm just trying to figure out what to do next... by traveling around.

Interested in what being an entreprneur is really like?
... or how to get yourself to that point?
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